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The idea behind the service

After 10 years of running their own individual architectural practices Johnny, Paul and Liam’s experiences of private projects for individual homeowners made them realise that the traditional architect’s working methods did not always measure up to the needs of the individual homeowner.

They had a vision of a service that would totally simplify the whole extension process. A service that would give customers direct access to all the professional personnel that you need when extending your home, a company that would allow the client to choose the level of service they require and therefore the price. And so extend was born, a professional design team specialising in tailor made house extensions at an affordable price.

This is the first time that a company has confronted the existing service offered by architects and through understanding, analysis and customer feedback designed a service that is specifically for the homeowner - a ‘menu style’ service that is customer friendly, cost effective and of high quality.

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