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Design pack B   (Architect and Engineer)

Our second design pack provides all the Architectural and Structural Engineering services required for your extension. This package includes all the services from pack A, but with additional services attached to every stage.

The process is the same as Pack A at the survey and design stage with the added benefit of a full three dimensional computer model of the house and design which is used as a tool to help in the design process.

After the planning permission process the drawings are brought to ‘tender stage’. The tender package is essentially looking at the building in greater detail to that of the planning permission drawings. This document outlines the scope of work required, for the builder to accurately price the extension and sets out the conditions of the building contract.

This includes information on how the extension is to be built, the construction details, who is supplying what materials, the electrical and plumbing layout and the finishes. Our engineers carry out a site report on the existing property and will detail the foundations and the structure of the proposed extension, supplying all structural sizes required for the openings and alterations to the existing house.

A panel of appropriate contractors is compiled and the tender documents are issued along with the terms of the RIAI contract which it is proposed to use. The tenders are returned and the prices relayed to the client.

Extend will visit the site at the intervals required by the lending institutes to release finance and also to check that the structure is carried out in accordance with building regulations. This entails five formal site visits at the critical stages of the contract period such as foundation pouring, structural openings and structural sealing of the building.

When the works are complete extend will visit the site and issue certificates for compliance with building regulations and planning permission.

Some examples of situations where design pack B may be suitable

  • This pack can be used on any level of construction as it provides the service of an experienced architect but has the added value of a consulting engineer to provide a single design responsibility
  • If you require the three dimensional models to help visualise the designs
  • If you want the full design team services and more flexibility on the contractor and the finances
  • If the project requires some detailed engineering design in steel beam design
  • f you feel the size and complexity of the works is of a scale that you are confident to take the project through the construction process
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